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I tasted through a table of Jenny and Francois wines at BLM in 2/07. Iwas very impressed and even bout a couple. A Chiroubles and a Macon. As you know, I'm a decay slut.

2005 Christophe Pacalet Chiroubles - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Chiroubles (2/24/2007)
Tasted at BLM by Jenny and Francoise Selections, World Wide Wine. Very light in color. Not the acidic/fruity side of Gamay at all. The acidity is hidden behind dark decaying fruit. Very sous-bois and strikingly lovely.


did they pour any of the Souhaut wines?

They make a Vin de collines Rhodadiennes (Gamay) that I'd really like to try.

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